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Serbian Dairies Association
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Founded in December 2011 – Serbian Dairies Association (SEDA) is a voluntary industry association. SEDA is the national body responsible to represent the economic interests of dairy industry in Serbia, as well as, in international bodies dealing with dairy issues. More specifically, it supports formulation and communication of dairy industry interests towards national dairy policy, provides information on the role of dairy products in the diet and promotes sustainable dairy production and safe products. Initially, 8 dairy companies are members of SEDA: Somboled, Meggle, Kuc, Ekomlek, Niska, Leskovac, Sabac and Muza
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Serbian Dairies Association (SEDA) is the only organization that connects CEOs, executives and researchers from dairy industry, communication and scientific bodies, to work in partnership to increase the demand for milk and dairy products.

sedaLogo figures:

10,500 farmers provide
milk to SEDA dairies

RSD 121,000,000 turnover of
SEDA members in 2010.

600,000 lit of milk processed
by SEDA dairies every day

1,267 people employed
in SEDA dairies

The milk and dairy market is one of the most vibrant sectors within the food industry. New opportunities in emerging markets, changes in consumer demand, nutritional policy and the regulatory environment are among top issues facing the industry. SEDA was created to maximize the impact of these changes and promote and protect national dairy’s position. Also, on the top of our priorities is to work on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the dairy sector and promotion of enviromentally friendly milk processing.

Above mentioned goals will be implemented through focusing on following commitments:




One of our main courses of work will be promotion of role of milk and milk products in balanced diet. During implementation of all aspects of this promotional campaign, we will involve all our members (dairies) but we will not limit ourselves and cooperate only with dairies. In order to increase our coverage we will try to implement sustainable programs and reinforce cooperation with schools, medical institutions, scientific organizations and relevant Government bodies.


Our values

bullet Integrity We act ethically in all matters without exception.
bullet Accountability We deliver on our commitments and hold ourselves responsible for our actions..
bullet Community We are committed to serving, leading and educating in the communities in which we live.
bullet Quality We are committed to quality – the quality of our products, our services and our way of doing business.
bullet Passion We are passionate about the dairy industry and about supplying the country and the world with safe, nutritious products.


Our mission is to strengthen the economic and social position of the Serbian dairy companies by providing insight, guidance and networking.

  • To support a competitive Serbian dairy industry.
  • To contribute to the ongoing internationalization of the Serbian dairy industry.
  • To be the national and international centre of competence of the Serbian dairy industry.
  • To commit to community health promotion, focusing on milk as an important constituent of the Serbian diet.
  • To contribute to maintaining a high status for the industry in the minds of the consumers as well as a high level of processing and development.



We work with members and partners to ensure a regulatory environment that is compatible with the interests of the dairy industry and increasing demand for milk and dairy products.


We facilitate the development of effective communication strategies and best practices, thus, supporting the consistent promotion of dairy’s positive attributes.

Guidance Through knowledge and professional expertise

We ensure that our members get the best advice and consultancy. We monitor the Serbian and foreign market and ensure that our members always know what is happening within the dairy industry.


All Serbian dairies are more then welcome to join us as well as all other companies involved in milk processing. If you want to become a member and therefore improve your production, increase quality of your work, please feel free to contact us. We will be more then happy if SEDA can serve as driving mechanism in order to enable better milk quality and increase milk consumption.

Member benefits
  • Regulatory influence – provide information to members about the laws relevant for dairy business and safeguard commercial and political interests in relation to the national policy, European Union and other international associations and organizations;
  • Networking – provide forum for the members to meet successful partners in the dairy business community, cooperate with national and international authorities and organizations and expand your business contacts;
  • Communication and image building - Generic sales promotion campaigns for milk and dairy products, including school milk and nutrition benefits;
  • Access to financing – Provide information to members on the sources of finance, calls for applications and donor funding;
  • Access to capacity building and technical programs-improve knowledge and technical skills through SEDA training programs;
  • Access to Web site with a series of interactive tools to enhance collaboration amongst members;
  • Access to European Dairy Association working groups consisting of top researchers and executives who are collaborating on key dairy issues;
  • Access to databases and content on scientific, regulatory and communication activities around the world;
  • Insights into globally shared issues – opportunities, challenges and best practices;
  • Annual meeting, where members vote on SEDA direction and work program.